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a star trek into darkness kink meme

shall we begin?

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B.A.P; {OT6/they've got the power}
emmyxogast wrote in strek_id_kink
ROUND 03 of the Star Trek: Into Darkness Kink Meme



Be friendly, guys! A lot of previous memes have been ridden with flamers and ours doesn't need to become one, the fandom is better than that.


Please use basic subject lines. All prompt comments should begin with a pairing tag (eg Kirk/Spock) or Gen for no pairing. Use 'Any' when prompting for any pairing at all (eg Scotty/Any or Any/Any), "Other" for a non-canon character, and ensure you include a short description and any trigger warnings.

  • eg; John Harrison/Leonard McCoy, John can count on one hand how many times Leonard McCoy has treated him, Fluff

Only one prompt per comment.

Until the movie is released in all countries, you will have to warn others in your prompt if you are worried there may be spoilers for the content of the new film.

Post as many prompts as you like, guys! We accept all~

RPF (as in Actor/Actor pairings) are accepted, just post "RPF" before all other credentials in the prompt

  • eg; RPF, Zoe/Chris, When she finds him, all she sees is red, Gore/Self-harm

You can not "claim" a prompt or forbid anyone else if they wish to fill it. Multiple fills of any media are encouraged!

No kink shaming. We're here to have fun, everyone, not to play bully to other people's preferences!


Fill post subject lines should begin with FILL, and end with any associated trigger warnings and pairing tags to the fill.

  • eg; FILL: Bleeding Out (hurt/comfort, Uhura/Carol)

Post your fills at the post here so fellow users can find them easier.

Fills can anything: fic, art, fanmixes, etc (but all media prompts/fills should be posted as links, not embeds)

All fills should be publicly posted, do not link back to a locked profile or entry as this discourages readers.

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun, guys!

If you're posting your work to AO3 then you can add it to strek_id_kink's collection here. It's an easy way to keep track of external fills until we get a Delicious account set up/organised.

Carol/Jim, friends with benefits

Jim and Carol have pretty similar personalities, and somewhat similar damage - like how they both intensely want a family, and treat the Enterprise crew as one. They grow close in their slightly odd, slightly too-intense view of friendship and loyalty, and though they're not in love, they do find great comfort in sex with each other.

(Poly with them sharing a third party is also OK)

The Enterprise has been charged with moving the augments’ cryotubes to a facility at the edge space. Khan’s bio-readings start dropping – it turns out that thawing and refreezing people (even augments) isn’t really that good for them. They thaw him out, read him the riot act, and tell him that they’re on their way to a secure place for his crew to remain in stasis for at least another 10 years. If Khan promises to behave, he can stay awake. In the course of 5 years, Khan and Kirk become involved. Up to author how the crew feel about this. The main thing is having to introduce Khan to Winona on their return. She may have already heard Jim has a partner now, or it may be a complete surprise, up to author.

Author can start anywhere in the timeline. Also, this can be as fluffy, cracky, kinky, angsty as author wants to make it. The main thing is AWKWARD.

And of course, Khan saves the day.

Kirk/Khan, meet the parent(s) - subject line for above prompt

Sorry - the damn subject line disappeared when I went to post. *kicks LJ*

Kirk/Spock or Sulu/Chekov

Either pairing is fine. If it is Kirk/Spock then Spock is the top, if Sulu/Chekov Sulu tops. Here are 2 different scenarios depending on which pairing...

Spock/Kirk: Spock goes into Pon Farr unexpectedly and tried to hide it. However, Kirk becomes concerned and eventually confronts Spock in his (Spock's) quarters. Spock is so far gone now that instead of explaining he assaults the captain (dubious consent/maybe rape or non-con/sexual content/detail please). Then they both have to deal with the aftermath (some angst in this part please.).

Sulu/Chekov: sulu and Chekhov are in an established relationship. They're quite happy and basically in love. One night something happens (up to author), and Sulu comes home late extremely drunk. He sees Chekhov and is suddenly seized by a wave of arousal. Up til this point Chekhov is still a virgin (they were waiting til he was ready). But Sulu decided he's tired of waiting, and takes Chelhov without consent (detail/dubious consent appreciated). The next morning they have to deal with the emotional and physical consequences. But eventually Chekhov forgives him and they try again, with sulu scared he'll hurt the ensign, and Chekhov reassuring his boyfriend.

If someone could post this on AO3 I would love you forever! Please let me know the title! Please please someone answer this :) thanks

Spock/Kirk Pon Farr with Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics thrown in


Spock, when he was born, was found to lack the A/B/O gene which he should've gotten from his human genetics. So everybody decides to put down 'Beta' on his file.

Years later, he is on the Enterprise as First Officer under Captain James T. Kirk, an Omega.

And then one day Pon Farr kicks in and while Spock tries to ride it out, Kirk accidentally stumbles into Spock's quarters grumbling about faulty suppressants and trying to keep himself from jacking off all over the place. Oh my.

...And then they have sex. Lots of it.

(I hate this type of AU but this plot bunny wont leave me alone help)


Either with the two already in an established relationship or in the process of getting romantically involved. Khan finds out about Kirks past on Taurus iv. His and kirks reaction to khans new knowledge.

Have we had Jim Kirk/Jim Kirk yet

Due to magic/Q/an ion storm plus teleporter malfunction/rifts in space and time/whatever, the Enterprise finds itself hosting a multi-verse Jim Kirk convention. Some of the Jims have a tiny difference like different hair or gender, some know a female Spock, some Kirks (male and female) are from Vulcan, some are [insert alien species here], there's a Kirk who recognizes Spock Prime who is just randomly there, etc.

And then at some point one of the Jims says out loud "What will happen if a Jim gets another Jim pregnant?"

After a shocked pause, somebody replies "LETS DO THIS. FOR SCIENCE!"

Spock/Spock Prime (/Jim Kirk) daddy kink, age play, selfcest,

Nu!Spock is insecure and damaged by the lack of support that he received from his father. He is a Vulcan, he has control. But sometimes, only sometimes, Ambassador Selek comes aboard the Enterprise; he talks with Jim, he reminisces, and, sometimes, he plays with Spock, because, it's no secret that Selek looks a lot like Sarek.

Make no mistake, I want smut, but I don't want all of it to be smut; I want love and comfort too, because nu!Spock clearly needs some)

*slight age play
*they pretend that Spock is human, so that it makes it easier for him to be affectionate
*maybe Spock is so good at compartmentalizimg everything that when they do this he takes on a whole new persona; clingy, insecure, affectionate, whatever you want

(I will give you the internet personally if Jim walks in on them, and gets jealous, and so occasionally Jimmy has play dates)

Re: Spock/Spock Prime (/Jim Kirk) daddy kink, age play, selfcest,

Ooh, this sounds wonderful. The only thing better than one Spock is TWO Spocks. :-)

khan/carol, khan/kirk, kirk/carol - revenge, virgin!Carol

Kirk and Carol Marcus are engaged, but Carol refuses to have sex with him until they are married. Khan however manages to escape from his imprisonment, and decides to enact his revenge upon them both in a rather personal manner.

Re: khan/carol, khan/kirk, kirk/carol - revenge, virgin!Carol

Ohh this could be so cool. If they have a longish affair in secret from Kirk and Carol gets pregnant from Khan... depending on the timing Jim might think David is his, when he'd actually be Khan's. (I'm not OP by the way.)

Jim/Bones, mirrorverse (?), Jim gets off on being given wedgies

I'm not sure if mirrorverse prompts are allowed in this kinkmeme, but if it is all the better, because recently a friend and I have been exchanging headcanons about how many kinks and fetishes mirror Kirk would have and we decided that being given wedgies was totally one of them. we then also decided that he would only trust mirror Bones to do so, but since both of them are so exploitative he would make Bones wedgie him in public. however, if mirrorverse /isn't/ allowed, regular Jim making Bones give him wedgies (in public or not!) would be just as good, trust me. uwu

so if someone were to write that for me (and her) I would cry real genuine tears of joy, no lie

Khan/Kirk, dark!Kirk, codependent relationship, manipulation

Jim loves Khan only because he knows Khan'll never leave him. He never leaves the people he loves.

Khan/Kirk, possessiveness kink, dirty talk, jealousy, praise kink

On 23rd century Earth, possessiveness in a romantic relationship is considered a bad sign and something that's not to be encouraged or expressed at all.

That's why Jim Kirk has given up on relationships: he needs to feel...well, not owned, just wanted. Cherished. Worth fighting for.
Even just a whispered "you're mine" during sex once in a while would do, but as soon he mentions that, his boyfriends/girlfriends start side-eyeing him and suggesting therapy.

He even tried subbing, since that kind of language is not considered weird during D/S scenes, but unfortunately it does nothing for him. Also, his trouble respecting authority makes him the worst sub ever.

But Khan was born long before this cultural shift... and something about him just screams "what's mine stays mine."

Re: Khan/Kirk, possessiveness kink, dirty talk, jealousy, praise kink

i might take a shot at filling this, anon, so keep a look out!

Sarek/Amanda, first time

And by first time, I would like a conversation similar to the following:

"Sarek, have...have Vulcans and humans...you know."

"I do not understand what you mean, Amanda."

"Are there any documented cases of Vulcans and humans...mating?"

"I am not aware of any documented matings. We will be the first."

+ bonus points for: "...it's GREEN!" "...yes, Amanda, it is green..."

does this count as a 'Mirror, Mirror' AU

nu!Kirk and an omega!Kirk from a A/B/O universe accidentally switch places via teleporter malfunction.

Omega!Kirk, since he has no access to suppressants, goes into some sort of withdrawal which in turn makes him go into an out-of-cycle heat which leads to epic awkward.

Nu!Kirk ends up freaking everybody out because he can't be classified into any established category. His opinions on how the Omegas and some Betas are treated become the final push for a Federation-wide uprising sometime after he leaves.

Pairings-wise, I'm partial to McCoy/Kirk

Spock serving under Pike (past) Kirk (present)

Spock shares with Kirk some of his experiences from serving under Christopher Pike. I don't care if they have a sit-down chat, if it's a "5 times...", or if it just relates to the immediate situation. Spock has served before, and he must have something to say about it. Go nuts :)

Bonus: Kirk gets jealous hearing about Pikes command

Bonus #2: Kirk talks to Pike about serving with Spock

McCoy/Chekov: unrequited love + happy endings

McCoy is still in love with someone else (e.g. Jim) but enters a relationship with Chekov who is completely infatuated with him. Chekov is aware of what's going on and has convinced himself that he's okay with it but he begins to break knowing Leonard is constantly comparing him to and wanting someone else. I'd love a lot of angst, and McCoy finally getting his head out of his ass and realising whoever he loves is never going to love him back and Chekov is the best damn thing to ever happen to him.