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a star trek into darkness kink meme

shall we begin?

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New mod wanted
INFINITE; {myungsoo/tongue}
emmyxogast wrote in strek_id_kink
I have a lot to address regarding some happenings in the current round, but I'll save that for my next post tomorrow because uni calls right now and I don't have enough time to go over everything that I want. Anyway, it's been great mod'ing this kink meme and I will continue to do so, but I'll need a little help because I'm not always free to search through the whole prompt list for any errors and what not.

So! Who wants to be a mod? If you do then comment below or send me an email in the following format:
average time spent online weekly:
previous experience with livejournal:
anything else:

We'd love to get a new member of the mod family~

Thanks guys.

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username: stormhive
average time spent online weekly: In four days I'll be done with college and exams, so avg time spent online will go from most waking hours to INFINITE.
previous experience with livejournal: I'm new to LJ- but everything seems very straightforward.
anything else: I'm a programmer so I can at least make some custom CSS sheets and fancier stuff too if required.

Anon messaging because I have no experience with LJ, but was wondering if there is a location where we can inform the mods about mistakes/spam. Prompt Post 2 seems to be particularly overrun by spammers.

If it's not too late to apply, I'd be interested too.

Username: botanycameos
Average time spent online weekly: A shamefully huge amount. I'm on every night and often checking during the day as well.
Previous experience with livejournal: This account is new but I've had an LJ since the beginning, though I left and came back various times because some years ago RL was too busy to keep blogging, but even after deleting I seem to always come back.
Anything else: I love Star Trek and would be happy to help. :)

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