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a star trek into darkness kink meme

shall we begin?

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Spread the Word
INFINITE; {myungsoo/tongue}
emmyxogast wrote in strek_id_kink
We're only a new kink meme, so we need to get ourselves out there!
Feel free to tell anyone you want about strek_id_kink

Below are some banners if you want to help us advertise on other comms/kink memes!
(always ensure you have a mod's permission on other comms to post first though)







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I recommend you pimp this out in other communities.


thanks for the suggestion, anon-nim!

If you want any help in spreading the word to other communities, I can definitely help with that.

It'd be highly appreciated if you could! ;u;

Totally unrelated to the ST universe, but I am the mod for The Amazing Spider Man kink meme and I would like to promote your meme there. We're pretty lulled these days, but yeah. :) If you'd like, we would also love to be affiliated?

Hun, omg, hayy again. gahk, we keep meeting up on kink memes (TASM then the Hobbit and now Star Trek)
But sure thing, we'd love it if you could promote us! If possible, could you please use the top banner?

I'll add you to the affiliates right now.

Hahaha... I didn't want to say anything in case you'd forgotten me :x Heh.

Aite! I'll be using them for sure! They're soo puuuuurrrttyyy....

Babe. We're kink meme whores. Like duh, of course that's where we'd end up meeting ;)

I'm so sorry I went MIA again, gah. I keep telling myself that it won't happen again but then my Uni courses pick up and poof, there I go again. (I'd never forget you though, bb)

We so are, lmao. Forever kinking out our favourite characters. We could be the kink meme brigade or something otl

The Kink Meme Brigade,

It makes me think of a couple of army girls in shorts/kick ass pants, with M16s of kink and grenades of Trigger Warnings strapped to their waists.


I forgot to put in the banner in the announcement I made. Going to rectify rn!

Dude, yes, omg. Dem grenades be lethal XDDDDD

ily lol

awwwh, thanks so much for the lovely message about our KM!
but could you use this banner instead because it's prettier and stuff and sorry don't kill me

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