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a star trek into darkness kink meme

shall we begin?

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STAR TREK; {mccoy/worry}
emmyxogast wrote in strek_id_kink

Thanks for a great first round, everyone!

ROUND 01 of the Star Trek: Into Darkness Kink Meme


Be friendly, guys! A lot of previous memes have been ridden with flamers and ours doesn't need to become one, the fandom is better than that.


Please use basic subject lines. All prompt comments should begin with a pairing tag (eg Kirk/Spock) or Gen for no pairing. Use 'Any' when prompting for any pairing at all (eg Scotty/Any or Any/Any), "Other" for a non-canon character, and ensure you include a short description and any trigger warnings.

  • eg; John/Mccoy, John can count on one hand how many times Leonard Mccoy has treated him, Fluff

Only one prompt per comment.

Until the movie is released in all countries, you will have to warn others in your prompt if you are worried there may be spoilers for the content of the new film.

Post as many prompts as you like, guys! We accept all~

RPF (as in Actor/Actor pairings) are accepted, just post "RPF" before all other credentials in the prompt

  • eg; RPF, Zoe/Chris, When she finds him, all she sees is red, Gore/Self-harm

You can not "claim" a prompt or forbid anyone else if they wish to fill it. Multiple fills of any media are encouraged!

No kink shaming. We're here to have fun, everyone, not to play bully to other people's preferences!


Fill post subject lines should begin with FILL, and end with any associated trigger warnings and pairing tags to the fill.

  • eg; FILL: Bleeding Out (hurt/comfort, Uhura/Carol)

Post your fills at the post here so fellow users can find them easier.

Fills can anything: fic, art, fanmixes, etc (but all media prompts/fills should be posted as links, not embeds)

All fills should be publicly posted, do not link back to a locked profile or entry as this discourages readers.

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun, guys!

EDIT: Changed comment settings to allow Subject Line for easier prompting.

If you're posting your work to AO3 then you can add it to strek_id_kink's collection here. It's an easy way to keep track of external fills until we get a Delicious account set up/organised.


Kirk/McCoy, bdsm, McCoy takes care of Kirk in his own special way after the events of ID.

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Zombiefic, please. Kirk/Spock or any/any; throw in all the pairings you like or keep it super Gen

Kirk died. Full-on died with catastrophic radiation damage to his body at the cellular--heck, the molecular level. His body is kind of FUBAR, Khan-Ex-Machina or no. So, when they revive him, everything seems great... until it isn't. Dead is dead, after all. Until it isn't.

Maybe Kirk starts craving raw meat... looking at his crewmates with a hunger that has absolutely nothing (well, almost nothing) to do with lust.

Whether this goes the way of The Walking Dead or more like Warm Bodies is up to you.

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Gen Fill: Stardust to Remember You By 1/?

TW: Gore, violence, bloodshed, and major character death.

Jim knows that Bones is doing the best he can to synthesize a cure from what’s left of Khan’s augmented blood. The dosage he gave him earlier was just enough to make him temporarily lucid.

Enough to issue one final order--no, request of his First Officer. It was only logical after all.

Three Weeks Prior

Jim Kirk had never felt better, being brought back from the dead put a bounce in his step that he wasn't used to. He’d just been released from medical and had returned to the ship to help with the extensive repairs. She still needed a lot of work, and he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to help get her space-worthy again. The ship’s corridors were packed with a myriad of technicians and specialists of every kind as they repaired the damage done. It took him longer than usual to get to the bridge because of it. He helped with a few small repairs, and then he started getting hungry.

It was his change in appetite that should have been his first clue that something wasn't right. He ate everything. Everything.

First, he ate his usual fare, meat and potatoes with some greens like most any Iowa boy, but by the second week, the vegetables started to have a rotten tasted to them. The meat wasn't bloody enough. At the end of the second week, he was throwing up anything he ate that wasn’t meat.

It was at the start of the third week that it all went wrong. He was on the bridge, helping Chekov go over a few diagnostics, and then--then he doubled over, clutching his stomach with a groan.

“Keptin! Mr. Spock, something is wrong, we need to call medi---”

Something was wrong. Very wrong. He felt Chekov’s hands on his shoulders to try and steady him. He could hear Spock calling out to him in concern and then contacting medical and ordering Dr. McCoy to the bridge.

“Hold on, Keptin. Dr. McCoy is on the--”

Jim blacked out, and that was probably the only good thing about the next two minutes. His face contorted, an inhuman snarl taking over his features, and he was on Chekov, smashing the younger man’s face into console. He didn’t react to any of the crew which called out for him. He didn’t react when a phaser blast on stun hit him in the back and he didn’t drop.

Chekov cried out in pain as the beating continued, Kirk shoved him off of the console as screams erupted on the bridge and many crew members began to flee. He was on the younger man before he could scramble more than a few feet away, tearing into his uniform to get at the flesh underneath. His fingers scrabbled at his flesh, blunt nails scratching, and then leaned down to bite into the soft flesh of his stomach as Chekov tried desperately to push him off. Snarling at his first failing attempts at tasting flesh, it took nearly a minute for him to rip a hole into Chekov’s stomach, and he dove in with his hands, bringing up intestines with his bare, bloody hands to devour with gusto.

The screams began to die down, blood pooling around both of them, and there was an astonished exclamation of, “My God, Jim! What are you doing?”

There was a sudden pressure on his shoulder, but it did nothing. Chekov went still, eyes glassy and unfocused.

Spock tried to use a nerve pinch to subdue the Captain, but it did nothing. That was impossible. No human, outside of Khan, could withstand it. It was only when he realized that the bloodshed was going to continue that he physically pulled a snarling Jim off of Chekov’s body, and slammed him into the deck in front of the captain’s chair. As he pinned the hands now trying to claw at his own shirt, he was met with a bloody face and crazed look of utter rage in Kirk’s eyes.

“Doctor, a sedative now!” He ordered, and McCoy finally made himself move over to where they were, getting out a hypospray. There was a hiss and slowly the snarling and struggling began to die down. The bridge was clear outside of Spock, McCoy, Jim, and Chekov’s body. Spock still held Jim’s wrists pinned down against the deck even as he relaxed, the rage drained out of his eyes, and he blinked up in confusion at him.

Jim’s voice was slurred from the sedative as he seemed to come back to himself. He saw blood on his Science Officer’s uniform, and frowned in confusion.


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Spock/Uhura, biting, possessive sex


After ID, Spock and Uhura hash out their issues. And then they hash out their issues with sex.

Spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness

I'd love to see a kirk/spock slash version of Jim's death scene...Jim telling Spock that the reason he had gone back for him was because he loved him....or something like that.

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Hahahaha this. He spent the entire movie looking so freaked out lol

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Kirk/Spock/Uhura, spoilers for Star Trek: Into Darkness

Because Spock and Uhura kicking Khan's ass for Kirk was too perfect: more of those two being Kirk's violently protective girlfriends, please and thank you. Otherwise, anything goes!

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Kirk/McCoy, post-Into Darkness fluff - spoilers

Of course, this is Kirk/McCoy, so in this case the fluff would be seasoned with a heavy dose of snark. Can be as gen-ish or slashy as you like!


It took a long time for Jim to wake up. And even though McCoy knew...he knew...that he'd dragged Jim back from over the brink and he would be okay, it was the longest two weeks of his life.

When Jim finally came awake with a little start and a gasp, the heart-stopping relief he felt was tightly suppressed, carefully controlled, and hidden under jokes about whether or not he was feeling like a homicidal maniac.

He wanted to say so, so much more, but the moment wasn't their's. It wasn't private, and everything he wanted to say...the words that were stuck in his chest and throat, making it hard to breathe, making him hurt and his eyes water, so that he had to focus his attention on the monitors...everything he wanted so desperately to say was private.

Not meant for pointy ears.

Now, sitting at Jim's bedside and watching him sleep, everything he'd wanted to say - needed to say - was bubbling up inside him, making his breath shudder with every exhale, taking all his strength with them, until he was slouched over the edge of the biobed and Jim's arm. Clutching his hand...so warm with life...tears darkened the blanket below him, and he stayed like that until he felt Jim's other hand in his hair, soothing him with a gentle, careful touch...and the whisper of, "I'm okay, Bones. I'm okay."

TBC - parents are visiting and they just woke up.

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(Deleted comment)
"Harrison" on "Harrison", selfcest.
Just do it.
You know you want to.

Seconded! I hope someone fills this! I need Harrison fics so much right now.

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SPOILERS: Pike-centric fic please?

Can I get a story where Pike doesn't get killed in the attack? Maybe Pike and Kirk carry out the mission as Captain and First Officer (I was so pumped to see that, and then the damn writers just went and destroyed me... :( ), or Pike is injured and kept on planet.

Some Pike fix-it fic, that's all I really want. It doesn't have to be related to either idea above. Slash or gen is fine; I have a weakness for Pike/Spock or Pike/McCoy, but I'll read pretty much anything.

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INTO DARKNESS SPOILERS (Pairing is a spoiler, see below)

(Already posted this on trekkink, but want to cover all the bases. ^^ )

When Uhura, Spock, and Kirk land on Kronos, they lose to the Klingons. Uhura and Spock are both killed before Khan comes to their rescue. Kirk is badly injured, but Khan saves his life to find out more about the missiles. Meanwhile, Admiral Marcus has caught up to the Enterprise and destroyed it, after taking all the cryo-tubed torpedos. Khan exposes the horrible truth to Kirk, who then sides with Khan in his bid to destroy/take over Starfleet. This anon craves Khan/Kirk non-rapey dubcon with a liberal dash of Stockholm Syndrome. Khan finds Kirk up to his superior standards, and Kirk, after a bit, learns to love submitting to him. Strength!kink appreciated.

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noncon!Khan/Kirk, exhibi, h/c

When Khan holds Kirk hostage in front of the crew and negotiates for the return of his crew, he decides to show them he's not dicking around and rapes Kirk onscreen in front of Spock and everyone else on the bridge. Copious angst and a good deal of h/c from Spock, Bones, and everyone else afterward!

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Kirk/Spock/Uhura OT3


Uhura had resigned herself to the fact that Jim Kirk was a constant fixture of her relationship with Spock, and always would be. Of course, neither he nor Spock seemed entirely aware of this yet. However, after Kirk's temporary death, and its effect on Spock (and, admittedly, herself), Uhura thought it was about time to make the whole thing official.

Seconded so hard. I want this like air. I feel it's basically canon haha.

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I've read pretty much every Reaper/Bones fic written, however I can't get one little bunny to shut the heck up. So here goes: In Trek-era, Marine medic Leo McCoy and team are sent to Oldivi; shit happens. Once he gets home however, due to C24, he can't stand the smell of his wife because she's got the crazy gene (or scent of possible cheating); ie Starfleet. Into Darkness occurs and he realizes Khan and his people are C24 mutants after the blood tests. Thus what he does to bring Jim back to life is isolate the 24th Chromosome...

You get the the drift. Kirk/Bones please, otherwise have fun with it.

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Great prompt! I love this explanation for Khan & company!

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What happened during the year the enterprise was being repaired.

Prefer Kirk and Spock pairing.

Seconded! All the recovery has so much potential. Also, this is pretty much the prompt I wanted to post. ^^;

Spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness

When Kirk goes off course between ships, Khan rescues him by grabbing him and then takes advantage of the situation.

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