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INFINITE; {myungsoo/tongue}
emmyxogast wrote in strek_id_kink
Got any questions? Notice an error? Let us know here~

Is there any particular reason anon commenting is off?

Ah, thanks for pointing it out. I forgot to enable it before.

It's fixed now.

I would suggest changing the layout to one that shows subject lines; it makes it much easier to read. Over at the xmen kink meme, on this post,


There are instructions, and which layout to use to have subject lines. It just makes it easier to track and read on flatview. ^^

Can we fill with art? If so, any specific policies on it?

Yes you can, the only rule is that if the work is NSFW then you have to indicate it/post it as a link instead of being embedded. That's all.

Hi mod. I posted two prompts which I now don't see. Were they taken down for some reason?

Both K/M, one "darlin" and one "like hell you are". Thanks

No I have not, but I will go see if the comm has decided to mark it as suspicious as they can glitch sometimes. If I can't find it, then feel free to repost them, sorry!

EDIT: I just checked and there is no record of your comments, I'm sorry. I don't know what happened to them, Lj was probably in one of its moods.

Edited at 2013-05-22 11:01 am (UTC)

Fill gone?

I'm trying to fill the prompt on page 9 that has Kirk not tell Scotty to shoot Khan when they get to the bridge (my story's called Scherezade at Gunpoint).

I've posted several chapters and they seem to show up for me, but when I refresh the prompt page they go bye bye. Are they showing up at all?

Re: Fill gone?

nop op but this has happened several times to me. it's a livejournal problem. if you comment logged in or anon it will show a different comment count. I think if you view it on flat view it will show all the correct comments? Or just wait a couuple of hours, it will show up eventually.

Re: Fill gone? (Anonymous) Expand
I was wondering if you would like to affiliate with stidhetkinkmeme (for into darkness) and stxihetkinkmeme (for the 2009 movie) and give us a shout out on your meme and profile? They are het only memes to make it easier for users to find het prompts if they are interested. Not there to compete with your meme. Crossposting is highly encouraged. Thank You.

I'll add you to the affiliation list right now! Thanks for the comment :3

Hi mods I made an oops. I made a breathplay prompt and I as soon as I posted I realized I forgot the trigger warning since asphyxiation is listed. I didn't know if you wanted to delete it so I could repost it with an appropriate warning & I'll definitely be more thoughtful next time:

I just deleted it then. Thanks for letting me know!

Dear Moddie, is fill-trolling allowed? I mean I just saw a fill which is (I believe) totally not what OP wanted - and also trolls the OP. It's ok to post fills like that? O.o

Link to said prompt: http://strek-id-kink.livejournal.com/1695.html?thread=119199#t119199

It depends on the situation, if the person is purposefully being spiteful with their fill (like overly patronizing or offensive) then no, it will be removed. If it is in good(ish) taste and more along the lines of crack instead of insulting then it will be allowed. Thanks for bringing this up, anon, I will address it in my next mod post so people can understand the difference between a "mean" fill and a "funny" fill.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
I was wondering if you could add the new comm john_harrison to your affiliates. It's a new comm where people can read and post any fanworks involving the character John Harrison aka Khan from Star Trek Into Darkness. Crossovers are also welcome.

Someone is copying prompts and reposting them

So the user cohan copied my prompt and reposted it in the same post.
Here is the link: http://strek-id-kink.livejournal.com/1695.html?thread=551839#t551839

Here is the original prompt that I posted: http://strek-id-kink.livejournal.com/1695.html?thread=457375#t457375

Re: Someone is copying prompts and reposting them

Yes I have noticed two other users doing the exact thing (also copying my mod comments and posting them at inappropriate areas) and I think they may be the same person doing it as they are all recently created sock accounts. In my next mod post I will be addressing this, and if they don't comply then I will ban them from the community.

I'll go now and delete this 'Cohan' copy of your prompt.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Mod, could you please step in and do something about this already?


Discussions are for the discussion post, aren't they?

I just posted three warnings within the thread. Thanks!


Could you please delete this:


The writer accidentally posted part 3 in the wrong place. It has been reposted correctly now so I figured I would report the mispost.

Just did! Thanks for letting me know.

A livejournal bot posted some entries several times in a row.

Thanks! I'll go delete them now.

Double post...

Could you please delete this comment? It's a double post.


Done! Thanks for letting us know.

I have posted three fills to the fill post and NONE have shown up. I get the message they are marked as spam. Can people not comment anonymously on that post? Or is there something else I'm doing wrong?

I've just tried changing the settings and they should show up now. Could you please check at the Fills post and see if that made a difference?

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi! Would you like to affiliate with my comm, st_20_fics? It's a Star Trek-themed comm where people make the claim of a character/pairing/season/show and write twenty fics based on that claim. I'd love to add you guys to my affiliates list too. :)

Sure thing! We'd love to affiliate, I'll add you to our list now.

Incomplete fill?

I know we're coming up on the 3,000 comment limit for round 1. Problem is I'm not yet done with Scherezade at Gunpoint - would I be allowed to continue it in round 2? *frets about readers not finding new chapters*

Hi, good question. You can continue to update your fic at round 01 as the entry will not be frozen. The reason it is closing at 3,000 comments is because lj allows around about 9,000 - 10,000 comments per post so by closing at 3k, it leaves room for people to come back and fill previous prompts.

You update it where you have been already, and then post a link to it at the FILL page so other users/anons will know where to see the next fill.

I hope that makes sense, feel free to ask any questions to clarify.

Re: Incomplete fill? (Anonymous) Expand
Hasn't it been over 24 hours since the first prompt post closed? Are you still planning on opening the second one soon?

I'm opening it right now, I apologize, Uni kind of attacked me with course work.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

spoiler warnings for TOS-era canon?

I wanted to prompt for something that involves canon knowledge from TOS's 'Space Seed' episode and the first Khan film. Do I need to put a spoiler warning on that?

I just wanted to check because when XI came out, one or two places decided TOS was so old it was brand-new for some fans, and so needed spoiler warnings, while other places only wanted spoiler warnings for XI itself.

Also, just wanted to say thanks for modding this; I love kink memes, but they look like they take a lot of work, and I appreciate the time you put in here to keep this running. ::hugs::

Re: spoiler warnings for TOS-era canon?

Honestly, I don't think there needs to be any spoiler warnings for TOS episodes. I can bet the majority of the reboot fans have wikipedia'd their hearts out about their favourite characters and since TOS has been available to the public for a more than reasonable amount of time then it shouldn't matter.

Still feel free to post a spoiler warning if you want, but it is not necessary.

And thank you! I'm sorry for the slow reply, it can be hard modding this at times but I'm in the process of going though new applications to get a co-mod :3 Anyway, the majority of people here are great and are a true joy to have in the fandom.

I hope that clarifys everything.

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Can something be done regarding all these spam posts and things unrelated to STID?

I'm working on it now; I'm going to have to change some of the settings back to the original and ensure the spam ones don't get through.

I'm not sure if this is the way the fills post is supposed to work, but the comment with the link to the story I filled hasn't show up, it's marked as spam. But it sounds like you were making some changes to the spam settings?

Re: Fills Marked as Spam

Same here. I can post fills as links, and I can post to the fill post. Comments with links are being marked as spam and are not showing up.

Re: Fills Marked as Spam (Anonymous) Expand


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